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Smart Light

Smart Light

Charging indicator: Under charging is red light,full power is green light.

Product Description

〖Product photographs〗:

Smart Light

A--Charging indicator: Under charging is red light,full power is green light.

B--Detachable cable tie/Circulatory bandage: There is a button on the outside. Please press down to reach the purpose of stretching and recycling.

C--Magnet: Can attached on the iron metal surface

D--Flexible swivel:horizontal direction 350°, vertical direction 180°。

E--USB Charging: rated voltage DC5V, current 1A.

F--Touch switch: touch off with finger, represent opening and closing; hold on with finger, represent light adjustment./ Fixed switch: On or Off

〖Product parameters〗:

PowerMAX 3W
Luminous Flux300 lm
Lamp size (Mm)L203*W40*H95mm
Protection gradeIP20
Battery capacity2600 mA
Emergency timeMIN 3h
Charging time3-5h
Rated voltage currentDC5V 1A

〖 Attention〗:

1. The charger can not be charged more than the rated voltage and current standard.

2. When the lamps and lanterns in the use of their own darkening, the capacity of the representative capacity is insufficient, should be charged in time.

3. The charging time is in 3-5h. When the indicator is changed to green light, the charge should be stopped in time to prevent long time charge.

4. Can't under the blazing sun for quite a long time. IP20.

5. It can not be used in high temperature environment.

6. When it is not used for a long time, the electricity should be full charging then kept in the dark place, and it should be recharged and use again within 6 months.


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